3Aware Integrates with Mayo Clinic Platform to Speed the Evolution of MedTech Compliance

INDIANAPOLIS, December 4, 2023 - 3Aware, a pioneering force in the MedTech sector, is working with Mayo Clinic Platform, a collaborative ecosystem for healthcare innovators. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the industry, as 3Aware integrates with Mayo Clinic Platform to enhance its arsenal of solutions that are redefining the landscape of regulatory compliance for medical device manufacturers.

"Mayo Clinic Platform significantly increases the device coverage of 3Aware’s aiSurveillance solution, and enables us to automate Post Market Clinical Follow-up for a much broader inventory of medical devices with comprehensive, longitudinal real-world data—including device-specific patient experience and outcomes. Now, even more manufacturers’ regulatory clinical and scientific teams can leverage our PMCF-optimized clinical workbench to immediately form insights and efficiently adjudicate events for MedTech compliance,” said Bill Moss, CEO of 3Aware. "We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Mayo Clinic Platform. This collaboration fits seamlessly with our mission to enhance medical device safety and performance, while simplifying the challenges of Post-Market Clinical Follow-up."

3aware minimizes the cost, time and risk of MedTech regulatory compliance. Its aiSurveillance solution enables manufacturers to achieve PMCF-based compliance with active surveillance at less than 50% of the cost and one-tenth of the time of chart reviews and registries; and provides deeper, patient-level understanding with less bias, compared to traditional methods.

Mayo Clinic Platform drives innovation by leveraging the power of data and technology to transform how care is delivered, and offers unparalleled access to extensive, diverse and de-identified clinical data, including structured data, like demographics and diagnoses; and unstructured data, such as medical imaging and clinical notes from Mayo Clinic locations nationwide. This data is continually updated and encompasses more than 3 billion images, 676 million clinical notes, 1.6 billion lab results, 9.7 million pathology reports, and 662 million clinical notes—all de-identified within a novel security and privacy model, Data Behind Glass.* Data Behind Glass enables access to extensive sets of de-identified data without moving it among the contributing organizations across multiple continents.

"We are excited to have 3Aware on the Mayo Clinic Platform and continue on our goal to unlock innovation across the healthcare ecosystem to improve care for patients," said Steve Bethke, VP of Product for Mayo Clinic Platform.

*Trademark pending

About 3Aware

3Aware minimizes the cost, time and risk of MedTech compliance, using AI to automate severely under-automated, mission-critical PMCF processes in a challenging regulatory environment. The aiSurveillance-powered, PMCF-optimized clinical workbench empowers clinical scientists to immediately formulate cohorts and efficiently adjudicate events for regulatory compliance purposes.

  • 3Aware enables compliance at a fraction of the time, cost and risk of status quo approaches.
  • 3Aware data content currently covers tens of thousands of devices explicitly tied to the experience of millions of patients; and is consistently growing.
  • Proven AI capabilities facilitate the mining, interpretation and structuring of critical information buried in unstructured provider notes.
  • The 3Aware platform enables analysts to immediately and directly access the distilled content they need to apply their expertise—in a clinical workbench optimized for Post-Market Clinical Follow-up.

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